How to take a business forward

On your marks, get set, go on track

We have helped businesses move forward who first approached us for marketing work. However, after an initial assessment, it turns out what the client needs most was something other.

In one case, our client wanted help optimising brand communications and providing advice on social media content. However, to really take the business forward, the website needed beefing up and workflow systems organised.

We did that efficiently. The client was hands-on in making the changes necessary, and we were able to set good business foundations within budget and within scope. Because we didn’t just focus on the one bit they thought they needed, we addressed the parts that would affect the company as a whole. The company came out in a better shape – with a strong foundation ready for future steps forward.

What you really need going forward

You go to the make-up counter thinking you need a new foundation color. However, when the make-up artist takes a closer look, what you really need is a new primer, not a new foundation – but a different way to applying your foundation. 

Have you ever wished for more closet space as your clothes are almost bursting out of the closet? What you really need might be a new system to organise the clothing. Marie Kondo anyone?

In applying Marie-kondo’s “magic of tidying up”, you save yourself from needing to buy a new closet, while achieving more! If you’ve seen the before and after photos of living spaces that have gone through a Marie-Kondo process, not only is the initial problem of space and clutter resolved, the same living space breathes a new light, a new life.

Build your foundations strong

So what we want to point out is, sometimes, it’s not putting out more ads that will bring you the business. Or not all websites are properly equipped. A successful business rides on strong foundations – of knowing how to communicate what it offers and having the workflows in place to deliver effectively to clients.

A good place to start is to take stock of what you offer. 

  • Do you feel you are articulating what you offer in the way that speaks to those you want to connect with? 
  • Is your marketing working?
  • Are there blind spots in your business that you might not realise?

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